Julie Fegan

 Scott is a fab instructor and passionate in what he does his classes are great I have been doing it since January and a love it so if your wanting to join Scott Marshall's classes are the best also all the commitment he puts in to the community aswell is outstanding hard work pays off !!!

Dionne Gray

 Scott is such a great instructor and an inspiration to all his clients, makes me feel so comfortable at his classes, I have even taken on a membership now and will continue to do so. Scott has put a lot of commitment into different communities making a change in people's life. Highly recommend Scott Marshall PT. 

Deborah Maclachlan

 Been attending Scott's class for nearly 2 years now. these classes are fantastic if you want to tone up, lose weight or even to meet new people. Scott is really passionate in all of his classes he does and always encourages you throughout the classes.  Scott is a brilliant instructor I definitely recommend all of his classes.

Nikkie Fegan

 Started off with Scott's boxercise which I really enjoyed then Pt sessions now I go to all his classes! Scott works you hard from start to finish and is on your back and won't let you slack and that's what I need! Scott's a great guy and makes all his classes fun and enjoyable as well as getting a great work out and feeling the burn  I would highly recommend giving his classes a try 

Paulie Coyne

  have been attending Scott Marshall pt boxercise class for about a year and half with good results in my fitness level    Scott is very motivational   professional and always very welcoming    I look forward to watching his career grow.

Tracy Murray

 I've been a member of Scott Marshall fitness since day one and wouldn't go anywhere else,, he really makes you feel comfortable and always takes time out to help and explain things very clearly , I have found my fitness and strength has increased immensely and would most definitely highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve in all areas of their fitness 


John McGuinness

 I've been attending Scott's classes for 2 years now I love going to his classes he such a great guy brilliant instructor I wouldn't go anywhere else his he's such a happy guy and always happy to help you no matter what you do in his class would recommend him to anyone 

Stephanie McGuinness

 I've been attending Scott's classes since it started hes a great instructor I wouldn't go anywhere else his classes has helped me a lot I love going to them I would recommend him to anyone he's fun , friendly honest  reliable hard working guy always helps you never makes you feel uncomfortable 

Lyndsay Marshall

 Scott is such a highly qualified instructor and makes all his clients feel very comfortable at all his classes and will help you achieve gains in  your fitness levels I have taken a membership ship out with him and I will continue to do so, he is also helping make people's life better by helping out in other communities so if you feel that you want a little help in getting fit why not come along to one of his classes and try them for yourself I bet you  won't be disappointed he's a brilliant instructor Scott Marshall PT .

Vicki Watson

  I would highly recommend Scott.  He's a great guy who is passionate about everything he does. His classes are tough but he makes them a lot of fun and the time passes really quickly. He has a lot of experience and this shows in his workouts.  If you're looking to get fit Scott can definitely help with that. 

Ann Bain

 Fantastic boxing classes! Great PT if anyone wants to get ready for summer!  Scott Marshall PT 

Lee Gallagher

 Started off with Scott's boxercise class and I really enjoyed it!!! Now I go too all his classes it's a great workout n he doesn't let you slack off but it's still fun!! I would highly recommend giving his classes a go